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Coatings for Foundry Mold and Core (SUPER MOLD)

SUPER MOLD is a coating of high thermal conductivity using edge manufacuring processes with select minerals.
It's used to provide good coating spread ability, bond strength and workability for minimizing foundry defects.
Classification Grade Application Remarks
Alcohol SC-5132 Iron & steel castings Zircon
SC-5181 Iron & steel castings Zircon
SC-5712 Flow Coating Graphite
SC-5713 Iron castings Graphite
SC-5325 Full Mold Mullite
SC-5725 Full Mold Graphite
SC-5591 Hi-Mnsteel castings Magnesia
Water SC-5151 Iron castings Graphite
SC-5142 Iron & steel castings Zircon
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